It’s Pistoia’s tradition and artistic expertise.
It’s a technique that require craftsmanship, art and lots of imagination and invention with a final scissors’ touch.
The plants are trained and then clipped to form a dense surface.
The good topiaries are made from Ligustrum Jonandrum, Ilex Crenata, Buxus and Taxus.
The range is elegant, fun and absolutely beautiful! It include animals, garden features, cars, umbrellas, arches, flowers, sportsmen, Lollipops, pon pon, cones, pyramids, balls, cubes, spirals and espaliers etc…in all sizes and some of them with water features.
You will find all what your heart desires!
We can design and realize any topiary that you require in any size and shape, just send us the photo and we will realize it for you.

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