A business trip to visit our nurseries is very important and useful to be able to know who and what we are.
Everyone is welcome to visit us.
Itís a great pleasure for us to have you in our nurseries full of shapes and colors.
New and existing clients visit us all year round to select and view our plants.
Every year we have a newer, wider and richer range to please our customers and visitors.
Itís very important to us to make our visitors feel comfortable and taken care of when they come by organizing all their needs and being at their disposal during their trip.
You will meet prepared professional and friendly staff that will speak your language, will guide you, advise you and assist you during your professional trip.
Our hospitality, Pistoiaís tradition with its art monuments and Tuscanyís gastronomic specialties is another reason for your visit, you will definitely enjoy it! We are waiting for you!
Via Casella di Santomato 2/A - 51100 - Pistoia - Italia
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