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The Territory

The location and climate of Pistoia are conducive to the healthy growth of ornamental plants, as the city is situated in an alluvial plain rich in moist soil composed of silt, clay, and sand. This soil is ideal for field cultivation and highly resistant to handling and transportation. The cultivation of ornamental plants is the legacy of Pistoia, which is recognised as the European capital of green.

Guarantee of health and quality

We carry out regular phytosanitary inspections, managed by the Tuscany region and coordinated by the regional phytosanitary service, that uses the most advanced techniques and tools to assess and monitor the health status of plants and ensure the safety of agricultural crops, safeguarding natural and environmental ecosystems, while also ensuring the best quality for our customers.

The nursery

Our nursery today extends over an area of 80 hectares, with approximately 75% of the cultivation in open field and 25% in containers (outdoor, in greenhouses and shade structures).

The production is managed by a highly qualified staff that employs traditional cultivation techniques combined with modern technologies to ensure quality and competitive prices.

We cultivate over 1400 varieties of plants, and our assortment offers a wide range to suit various climate zones. We provide plants to meet all the needs of industry professionals, with production ranging from young plants to large specimens.


varieties of plants



A wide production

Our selection will meet the needs of wholesalers, nurseries, landscape architects, and garden centres.

Every year, we renew our wide range of plants to align with market demands and our creative production sentiment.

Our main production lines include: Mediterranean plants, conifers, climbers, palms, acers, bamboo, fruit trees, olives, citrus trees, exotic plants, espaliers, shaped plants, topiaries, bonsai, deciduous plants and evergreen trees and shrubs.