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We organise shipments worldwide with a punctual and personalised delivery service tailored to the customer’s needs.

We also offer partial loads throughout the year with recurring weekly deliveries, that allow to ensure fast shipments even for small orders.

The plants are selected by a highly qualified staff and then pass through a quality control phase, conducted by experienced professionals in the industry.

Subsequently, the plants are cleaned, labeled, carefully packaged, and watered.

We have a specialised and dynamic team that carefully handles the loading of plants to ensure their integrity during transportation, striving to occupy as little space as possible to minimise the customer’s transportation costs.

Customer Service

Our customer service stands out for attention to detail, prompt responses, and constant availability. It is a family and efficient environment where we are ready to satisfy all your requests and provide information even during the busiest working seasons.

All orders are tracked and monitored until delivery, and we also offer pre- and post-sales assistance.

Upon request, we provide labelling services that the client can customise with their information, barcode together with their resale price.

We offer personalised production aimed at meeting specific customer requests. For example, you can request specific shapes and figures to be created in topiary art or decide the size and variety of your espaliers…

Our customers are our priority, and we constantly aim to go above and beyond their expectations!


Visiting our nurseries is essential to assess the quality of our products, as well as an opportunity to get to know us and understand your needs and goals.

You will meet a friendly and professional staff who speak your language and will guide you through our nurseries where you will also have the opportunity to choose and mark the plants that will be reserved for you until delivery.

We will be happy to help you organise your visit and take care of the details of your stay. Furthermore, the beauty of Tuscany, with its historical monuments and traditional gastronomic specialties, is an additional reason to plan your trip. Come visit us, we look forward to welcome you in our nursery!

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